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Beyond Control & Manipulation: Integration of the Light of Orion

Due to current global events many of us are finding that our fears surrounding control, trust, and manipulation have been triggered. The fear programs we hold today are the very same archetypal patterns that have been experience by other star systems over eons.

Trust, control, and manipulation were major themes explored by those in the Orion system millions of years ago. The wisdom gained by these civilizations is stored in our energetic fields and in the akashic realm. As we access the information surrounding their journey and their process for moving beyond these fears, we are able to do the very same thing for ourselves in a much easier way.

Join Wendy & The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective as they examine these energies and the lessons learned by our stellar family. The guides discuss the challenges faced by those in the Orion system, and how we can integrate this knowledge and wisdom into our own lives.

The Pleiadians also share a Galactic Light Code & a Language of Light activation to assist you with the process so that you may operate from a more integrated and empowered state of being.