$22.00 USD

The Pleiadian Perspective - 3/23/24

During this 2-hour group session, The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on current events and energy trends. Topics include: 

  •  Seeing your challenges as positive adventures
  •  The energies of the spring equinox and the April eclipse
  •  How to handle being extremely sensitive in the body
  •  Manipulating your experience of time
  •  Manifestation through mastering integration
  •  Giving too much personal energy
  •  Why the earthly experience is the “golden ticket”
  •  The recent Moscow events
  •  Accessing freedom
  •  And much more!

The guides also share a Language of Light activation to support you in perceiving the adventure of creating and processing emotions, as well as accessing greater empowerment, peace, and clarity.