$22.00 USD

The Pleiadian Perspective - 2/17/24

During this 2-hour group session, The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on current events and energy trends. Topics include: 

  • Living from a space of courage in the tumultuous year to come
  • 2024 as a year of mastery
  • How to remain in a state of trust when manifesting
  • Sensitivity to weather changes
  • Evolution, ET hybrid projects, and the seeding of Earth
  • Lyra, Lemuria, and the descension into density
  • Dealing with anxiety and hopelessness
  • Activating abundance
  • Ancestral clearing
  • Energetic blocks presenting as missing frequencies in the voice
  • And much more!

The guides also share two Language of Light activations: The first to support you in releasing ancestral clearing and the second to support courage, abundance, and clarity.