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The Pleiadian Perspective - 7/22/23

During this 2-hour group session, The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on current events and energy trends. Topics include: 

  • Taking back your power in an era of manipulation and control 
  • Breaking down and breaking through your collective historic programs
  • Connecting with and programming crystals
  • The divine intelligence of the body
  • Working with the Akashic records
  • How ‘pain is a perspective’
  • The emergence of free energy
  • The manipulation of the earth’s water supply
  • Past life regression 
  • Seeing the purpose behind unsolicited information 
  • Working with sacred geometry 
  • How grounding is vital to feeling safe
  • And much more!

The guides also share a Language of Light activation to support you in connecting with your body, Mother Earth, and others as well as experiencing peace, calm, and a sense of safety in the body.