$22.00 USD

The Pleiadian Perspective - 4/20/24

During this 2-hour group session, The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective share their perspective on current events and energy trends. Topics include: 

  •  Opening to your intuition
  •  Approaching life from an empowered state of adventure
  •  Persecution and the importance of being a better listener
  •  The relevance of sacred sites
  •  Atlantean technology, healing, and knowledge of ETs
  •  Curses
  •  Maintenance of frequency in the midst of the current chaotic energies
  •  Processing grief
  •  Using A.I.
  •  Empathy, grounding, and taking on others' energy
  •  And much more!

The guides also share a Language of Light activation to support you in opening to your intuition, approaching life from a state of adventure, grounding, and maintenance of frequency.