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The Pleiadian Perspective - 12/12/20

During this two hour session, The Pleiadian Collective (“The Ps”) share their perspective on the current global and galactic energies. They also share practical wisdom to assist you in realigning with your divine state so that you may more easily navigate the current energy trends and create a life filled with peace, joy, abundance, health, and love.

Additional topics include:

  • The energies surrounding the December solstice and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction

  • Monoliths and ET Disclosure

  • The perceived battle of Light vs Dark

  • Discovering your unique skills and abilities to be of service

  • Electromagnetics, 5G, and the impact on humans

  • Reincarnation and choice

  • Fear of judgement and persecution

  • And more

The guides also share a Language of Light activation for assist in discovering your special gifts, holding your resonance, and clearing old energies.